03 - Sustainable Recreation and Transportation


The tourism industry is booming globally and Lake Tahoe is experiencing record visitation for its spectacular recreational opportunities. While outdoor recreation is a major driver of Lake Tahoe’s $5 billion annual economy, overcrowding in peak seasons can degrade natural areas, create heavy traffic, and lessen the visitor experience. With approximately 15 million people living within driving distance of Lake Tahoe, providing a world-class transportation system remains a priority. The EIP partnership is working on strategic investments in parking management, multi-use paths, and transit to meet visitor demand while protecting the Tahoe Basin’s unique natural resources.


Goals of the Sustainable Recreation and Transportation Focus Area are:

  1. Preserve and improve air quality
  2. Improve outdoor experiences for visitors and residents while protecting natural resources.
  3. Increase the use of alternative modes of transportation and decrease reliance on the private automobile.
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