Lake Tahoe is a renowned visitor destination near several major metropolitan areas. Heavy seasonal drive up visitation puts significant pressures on the region’s transportation system and two-lane roads leading to, from, and around the lake.

During times of peak visitation, visitor traffic causes major congestion in town centers, recreation areas, and the region’s entry and exit points. Lake Tahoe’s roadways cannot simply be expanded to meet peak automobile travel demands that today exceed 10 million cars annually.

This action priority will establish a comprehensive and coordinated bus and shuttle transit system that provides seamless around the lake service, It will expand travel options to recreation hotspots to support sustainable recreation, reduce congestion and traffic, and improve air quality through the reduction of greenhouse gases.  This program will also build complete streets and create corridor improvement plans.

Projects include:

  • Linking recreation access points with public transportation.
  • Create corridor improvement plans.
  • Build complete streets.

Action Priority Projects Map

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