This Tool

The Lake Tahoe EIP Project Tracker provides EIP partners and funders the project the data necessary to understand the environmental return on their investments and secure future funding for environmental improvement in the Tahoe Basin. This tool tracks all EIP programs, projects and investments from 2007-to the present as well as future projects planned within the next 5 years. Agency staff, funders, elected officials and the interested public are the target audiences. The project tracker simplifies data collection and report development, and generates reports in a more timely manner than existing processes.

Over 75 entities - federal, state, and local agencies, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and science and research groups - are involved in the restoration and planning efforts in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Each year, these entities receive numerous requests  for their data inlcuding EIP expenditures, accomplishments, and detailed project information. This tool provides EIP Partners  a mechanism to efficiently exchange data and information with each other and the public.


The original Tahoe Integrated Information Management System (TIIMS) was developed in an attempt to meet this need. In 2012, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency hired a consultant to develop an assessment, strategic plan, and financial strategy for TIIMS and the Lake Tahoe EIP Project Tracker. The objective was to develop a strategic plan and long-term financial strategy that ensured a financially viable, user-friendly, dynamic, efficient TIIMS and Lake-Saving Project Tracker "2.0". The recommendation of the Strategic Plan and Financial Strategy was to develop a "Lake Tahoe Information Exchange" platform, which included an underlying governance system, and further develop the highest priority application (identified through the strategic planning process), the Lake Tahoe EIP Project Tracker.



The Lake-Saving Project Tracker tool has been developed through generous funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA). This project tracker was created and developed by TRPA and Environmental Science Associates (previously Sitka Technology Group).



Please use following when citing the Lake-Saving Project Tracker:

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA). Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program Project Tracker. Accessed [date retrieved].