Lake Tahoe EIP

SR 89/Fanny Bridge Community Revitalization Project- Phase 1 Highway Improvements and Dollar Creek Path

Project Number
Action Priority
Build and Enhance Transit Systems
U.S. Federal Highway Administration, Placer County, CA, Tahoe Transportation District
Primary Contact
Matt Ambroziak (
2012 - 2025
Transportation Program Build and Enhance Transit Systems
The project includes 2 phases that will be constructed separately: 1. Truckee River Bridge Project includes a new, 1,700 foot long section of SR 89 with a new bridge over the Truckee River, and 2 new roundabouts. The project will replace a section of sewer within the project limits. This project was completed in the fall of 2020. 2. Fanny Bridge Project includes replacing the signalized "wye" intersection with a single lane roundabout and replacement of the Fanny Bridge with a new, single span bridge. This project may begin in the spring of 2023 and is pending available funding before construction can begin. Estimated cost $20M.

Key Accomplishments

  • Miles of Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes Improved or Constructed: 0.7 miles
  • Forest Roads Created: 0.25 miles

Threshold Categories

  • Air Quality
Existing Fanny Bridge 
(Timing: Before) (~430 KB)
Credit: Unknown Existing Fanny Bridge