The 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics spurred a building boom throughout the Tahoe Basin which continued throughout the 1970s. This building frenzy resulted in a precipitous decline in the Lake’s clarity because of increased runoff of fine sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorus into the lake. In 2011, the states of California and Nevada and the US EPA committed to achieving the Clarity Challenge, which calls for hitting a clarity milestone of 78 feet by 2026. Everyone has a role to play in restoring Lake clarity—residents, visitors, businesses, and public agencies all share in the responsibility. Through the Stormwater Management Program, Watershed Restoration Program, and Aquatic Invasive Species Program, EIP partners will continue to make progress in meeting the Clarity Challenge and restoring the natural ecosystem of the Tahoe Basin.


Goals of the Watersheds and Water Quality Focus Area are:

1. Maintain and improve lake clarity and water quality.

2. Restore ecosystem health and resilience.

3. Improve and enhance wildlife habitat.

Example Projects

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