01.02.02 - Acquire Environmentally Sensitive Lands for Restoration and Protection


Public acquisition and restoration of sensitive lands serves as a tool to help accomplish the EIP goals of protecting and maintaining watersheds and providing recreational opportunities in the Tahoe Basin. By acquiring sensitive lands, agencies are preserving open space, creating water quality benefits, and protecting the integrity of cultural and historic resources. Additionally, acquisitions increase public access to uplands and the shoreline of Lake Tahoe for recreation while protecting and enhancing scenic resources. EIP partners are seeking opportunities, on a willing-seller basis, that would further these EIP goals.



Projects include:

  • Acquiring private parcels to restore and/or protect from further development
  • Acquisition of property easements to more effectively reduce or treat runoff.

Action Priority Projects Map

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Some projects operate over larger areas and are not represented on the map, but are listed in the project grid below. A full-screen, filterable version of this map is also available.

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