The continued effectiveness and longevity of EIP projects are highly dependent upon ongoing operation and maintenance (O & M) programs. Without regular O&M, the Tahoe Basin’s stormwater infrastructure would not function properly to serve the public or meet the goals of the EIP.

In general, public agencies are responsible for O&M costs on their own lands, local governments are responsible for maintaining facilities funded by state and federal agencies, and property owners are responsible for maintaining water quality on their properties. Activities supported in this area include any increased operation and maintenance responsibilities created as a direct result of implementation of a capital improvement related to an EIP program.

Projects include:

  • Purchasing and operating of high efficiency street sweepers.
  • Maintenance of erosion control projects.
  • Maintenance of stormwater infrastructure and facilities.

Action Priority Projects Map

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Some projects operate over larger areas and are not represented on the map, but are listed in the project grid below. A full-screen, filterable version of this map is also available.

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