01.04 - Invasive Species

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Invasive species pose a major threat to ecosystem health in the Tahoe Basin. Past resource management practices, including fire suppression, grazing, development, and logging have significantly altered native habitats. In their altered state, ecosystems are less able to support wildlife and are unable to adequately respond to natural or imposed disturbances. 

These degraded ecosystems face a growing threat from invasive species, which can replace native species, alter natural balances and significantly reduce habitat for other plant and animal species. The environmental and economic impacts of these invasions could be substantial as they crowd out native populations, impair habitats and water quality, and reduce recreational opportunities.

The primary focus of this program is to improve the biological integrity of ecosystems in the Basin, and in doing so ensure the existence of a full range of native species, seral stages, habitats, and ecological processes. Achieving these goals will require a coordinated effort between multiple entities to reduce impacts from non-native species, reduce direct human impacts on wildlife and increase species richness and diversity.

EIP partners and public stakeholders will work together to control terrestrial invasive species, and to manage existing and prevent future infestations of aquatic invasive species. The program focus will be:

  • Controlling Terrestrial Invasive Species
  • Managing Aquatic Invasive Species

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