Implementation of the EIP is guided by the the best available science. Applied research and monitoring programs provide information to managers to steer environmental improvement projects and measure their success. A fully integrated science program that can help drive management decisions is essential to support of the goals of the EIP. The Science Program is comprised of two elements: applied research and monitoring.

In 2015, the Tahoe Science Advisory Council (TSAC) was formed by a Memorandum of Understanding between the states of California and Nevada to work hand in hand with land managers to drive new research and adaptive management.  

EIP Plans

Regional Transportation Plan 2020

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency 2020. Regional Transportation Plan was finalized in April 2021. The Regional Transportation Plan will improve water quality, air quality, scenic resources, noise levels, and recreation resources across the Tahoe Region. According to TRPA, Tahoe’s transportation system should meet the daily needs of transit-dependent riders and employees, make it easier for recreational travelers to use transit, and assure visitors they can get around

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Tahoe Climate Resilience Action Strategy 2022

THE LAKE TAHOE CLIMATE RESILIENCE ACTION STRATEGY builds on existing Tahoe Basin climate and environmental improvement plans to identify five focus areas that will advance equity, create jobs, and build resilience for the Basin’s extraordinary natural resources, 57,000 residents, and an economy that supports 15 million annual visitors. We must act now to preserve and protect Lake Tahoe for this and future generations.

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Environmental Improvement Program

Environmental Improvement Program

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