Lake Tahoe EIP

P050: Wildlife Habitat Occupancy Models for Project and Landscape Evaluations in the Lake Tahoe Basin

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Action Priority
Conduct Applied Scientific Research
U.S. Forest Service - Pacific Southwest Research Station
Primary Contact
Pat Manley (
2009 - 2012
Science Program Conduct Applied Scientific Research
A myriad of sources of environmental change and associated land management challenges exist in the Lake Tahoe basin, as is the case for wildland forest ecosystems across the country. Sources of change are diverse, including land development, recreational uses, wildfire, insects, disease, forest management, and climate change. The Lake Tahoe Basin needs an assessment tool that can be applied to a variety of wildlife and biodiversity evaluation needs to help inform land management planning and implementation in light of multiple interacting change agents acting across the landscape and over time. A rich array of empirical data is available and can be tapped to provide this important tool.

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  • Wildlife

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