The Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team (TFFT) is actively working together to thin overstocked forests to reduce hazardous fuels and proactively manage forests to improve ecosystem resilience. Mechanical thinning, hand thinning, cable yarding, and helicopter logging are used to reduce tree densities and remove ladder fuels that contribute to extreme fire behavior.  Reducing stand density reduces the fuels that can wick fire into the overstory, therefore decreasing the likelihood of crown fire. It is important to note that the vegetation conditions that pose a fuels hazard are dynamic, with new growth of understory vegetation continually occurring. As such, future maintenance treatments will need to occur over time on the same area to sustain the benefits of the previous treatments.


Projects include:

  • Forest Thinning by hand thinning, mechanical thinning, cable yarding, or helicopter
  • Continual maintenance treatments of previously treated areas

Action Priority Projects Map

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Some projects operate over larger areas and are not represented on the map, but are listed in the project grid below. A full-screen, filterable version of this map is also available.

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