EIP Investment by Funding Sector

EIP Investments are made by Funding Sources in different Sectors. Spending data is aggregated from reported expenditures from projects in all stages. Note that the current EIP Performance Measures came on line in 2007 with the updated EIP. The original EIP used different measures to report accomplishments and those are not included in the performance meausure result charts.

EIP Investment by Funding Sector

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Funding Sector # of Funding Sources # of Funding Organizations $ in Recent Years (2010 - 2022)

The EIP completed 468 projects within the selected time period. This includes projects in Complete and Post-Implementation stages.

Investment by Funding Sector for: Recent Years (2010 - 2022)

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These projects are funded in full or in part by a Funding Source that falls under the selected Funding Sector. If a project is funded by more than one Funding Source within the selected Sector, it will be listed multiple times.