Lake Tahoe EIP

Lake Tahoe Shoreline Plan Outreach

Project Number
Action Priority
Engage Communities in Environmental Stewardship
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Primary Contact
Kimberly Caringer (
2017 - 2019
Stewardship Program Engage Communities in Environmental Stewardship
This project supported the on-going outreach and engagement elements of the shoreline planning process which were essential to ensuring broad support and the successful implementation of new shoreline policies for the Tahoe Basin. These outreach elements included holding public meetings, direct mailing postcards and brochures, and implementing other shoreline mediation and outreach program elements.

Key Accomplishments

  • People Served: 45,000

Threshold Categories

  • Recreation
Shoreline Public Workshop
(Timing: During) (~121 KB)
Credit: Ascent Environmental Shoreline Public Workshop