Lake Tahoe EIP

Emerald Bay SP UC Davis Osprey Spatial Data Analysis

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Action Priority
Implement Programmatic Monitoring and Reporting
California Department of Parks and Recreation
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Dan Shaw (
2016 - 2018
Science Program Implement Programmatic Monitoring and Reporting
The osprey is a special status indicator species for the TRPA's environmental threshold evaluation. In order to better understand the relationship between osprey breeding success and human disturbance, Parks teamed up with UC Davis to conduct a spatial and statistical analysis from almost thirty years of osprey nesting data in Emerald Bay and D.L. Bliss State Parks. Emerald Bay comprises of the most concentrated area of active nests around Lake Tahoe and is also one of the most highly visited recreation areas on the lake. Statistical analysis was developed for reproductive success in relation to distance from potential disturbance factors such as roads, trails, and campground facilities.

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  • Wildlife

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