Lake Tahoe EIP

Lake Tahoe TMDL Online Interface

Project Number
Action Priority
Implement Programmatic Monitoring and Reporting
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, California Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, Environmental Incentives
Primary Contact
Jason Kuchnicki (
2013 - 2018
Science Program Implement Programmatic Monitoring and Reporting
The Lake Tahoe Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is a science-based plan to restore Lake Tahoe's historic clarity. The Lake Tahoe TMDL Program seeks to guide the effective implementation of the TMDL so that people may once again be able to see to depths of nearly 100 feet in Lake Tahoe. The TMDL Online Interface is the central hub for information related to the Lake Tahoe TMDL Program, providing an overview of and access to the TMDL plan, tracking and reporting implementation results, and facilitating progress assessment and adaptive management of the Program. Estimated Total Cost reflects cost for Online Interface third-party hosting and anticipated cost to transition to LT Info in 2018.

Key Accomplishments

Accomplishments to be provided upon completion of project

Threshold Categories

  • Soil Conservation
  • Water Quality

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