Lake Tahoe EIP

Modified Philip-Dunne Infiltrometer Testing

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Action Priority
Conduct Applied Scientific Research
Nevada Tahoe Conservation District
Primary Contact
Meghan Kelly (
2012 - 2014
Science Program Conduct Applied Scientific Research
Because stormwater infiltration BMP's fail at the soil surface due to the deposition and accumulation of fine sediment particles which creates a restrictive layer commonly referred to as "caking", an infiltrometer (which measures infiltration rate at soil surface) is the better tool to assess BMP condition. This project will field test an infiltrometer (Modified Philip-Dunne Infiltrometer) developed by the University of Minnesota for the purposes of rapidly measuring the infiltration rate of BMP's in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Data will be collected to determine if the MPD is an appropriate tool for rapidly assessing infiltration rates of stormwater infiltration BMP's.

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  • Water Quality

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