Lake Tahoe EIP

Assessing Drivers of Vehicle Miles Traveled and Traffic Volume in Tahoe

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Conduct Applied Scientific Research
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
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Dan Segan (
2019 - 2021
Science Program Conduct Applied Scientific Research
The vehicle miles traveled (VMT) threshold standard was adopted in 1982, to reduce NOx emissions and improve lake clarity. The science used to develop the Lake Tahoe TMDL demonstrated that clarity loss is primarily driven by fine sediment particle accumulation. While the VMT target established in 1982 may no longer be grounded in the latest science for lake clarity, reducing reliance on the automobile and supporting state policy to reduce VMT growth remain priorities. This project will identify the primary factors that influence VMT and traffic volumes in the Tahoe region how the factors vary at seasonal and inter-annual levels. The results will inform regional transportation management.

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  • Air Quality

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