Lake Tahoe EIP

P084: Development of an Online Watershed Interface to Predict the Effects of Forest and Fire Management on Surface Runoff in the LTB

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Action Priority
Conduct Applied Scientific Research
U.S. Forest Service – Rocky Mountain Research Station
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Kimberly Caringer (
2011 - 2017
Science Program Conduct Applied Scientific Research
When a forest is disturbed, surface runoff may increase, generating surface runoff and sediment delivery. In some cases, such disturbance can also release nutrients like phosphorus to runoff and subsurface lateral flow, adversely affecting offsite water quality. If there is no forest management, then the risk of wildfire is increased, as is the probability of elevated erosion rates much greater than those associated with disturbances from forest management. There was a need for a tool that could predict the impacts of wildfire and compare that to the impacts of fuel management activities. This project was designed to provide such a tool at a sub watershed scale.

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  • Water Quality

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