Lake Tahoe EIP

P010: Improving Road Erosion Modeling for the LTB and Evaluating BMP Strategies for Fine Sediment Seduction at Watershed Scales

Project Number
Action Priority
Conduct Applied Scientific Research
U.S. Forest Service – Rocky Mountain Research Station
Primary Contact
Kimberly Caringer (
2007 - 2009
Science Program Conduct Applied Scientific Research
Reduce sediment entering Lake Tahoe by improving and validating the WEPP model applications for road management in the Lake Tahoe Basin. This includes: parameterize the WEPP model for the Lake Tahoe Basin, improve WEPP: Road interface for the Lake Tahoe basin, validate the WEPP model for the Lake Tahoe Basin, and develop a GIS-based quantitative approach to predict the sediment loading using WEPP and identify erosional "hot spots" from watershed-scale road network design that minimizes sediment production through BMP application and road decommissioning.

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  • Water Quality

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