Lake Tahoe EIP

P053: Ecological Succession in the Angora fire: Forest management Effects on Woodpeckers as Keystone Species

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Conduct Applied Scientific Research
U.S. Forest Service - Pacific Southwest Research Station
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Pat Manley (
2009 - 2011
Science Program Conduct Applied Scientific Research
The Angora Fire burned approximately 3,100 acres in South Lake Tahoe, California in June and July 2007. The fire occurred in an area with high intermix of private and public land, adjacent to large expanses of undeveloped public land. The severity of the fire varied within the burned area, resulting in a mosaic of conditions. The primary post-fire actions have been to implement erosion control measures and to remove hazardous trees. The removal of snags and logs, even those that are highly scorched, is likely to reduce the ability of areas to support wildlife species dependent upon these features such as three species of Picoides woodpeckers.

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