Lake Tahoe EIP

P088: Aligning Stormwater Quality Datasets With Priority Management Objectives.

Project Number
Action Priority
Conduct Applied Scientific Research
2nd Nature, LLC
Primary Contact
Maggie Mathias (
2011 - 2014
Science Program Conduct Applied Scientific Research
This reseach developed specific recommendations to align urban stormwater monitoring datasets with priority TMDL, EIP and other water quality implementation and management questions in the Tahoe Basin. The Tahoe Basin stormwater community has a need to generate multi-year stormwater quality datasets that are capable of: 1) evaluating trends in urban pollutant loading over time as a result of water quality improvement management actions and 2) informing priority needs of the stormwater tools used by the TMDL program. The Regional Stormwater Monitoring Program (RSWMP) is intended to oversee how stormwater data is obtained, managed and reported to address these needs.

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  • Water Quality

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