Lake Tahoe EIP

Assess the Impacts of Fire on Air Quality

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Conduct Applied Scientific Research
U.S. Forest Service - Pacific Southwest Research Station
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Pat Manley (
Science Program Conduct Applied Scientific Research
Research should address one or more of the following issues: (1) evaluating local and regional impacts on air quality and/or particle deposition of various alternatives in the basin for reducing forest fuels (e.g., underburning, broadcast burning, pile burning, thinning, mastication, removing biomass for burning in the basin, and removing biomass out-of-basin), considering short-term impacts and long-term effects given the likelihood of wildfires; (2) evaluating the impacts of residential wood burning to air quality and pollutant deposition; and (3) evaluating the ability of alternative BMPs or control measures to mitigate the air quality impacts of various practices.

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