Lake Tahoe EIP

Bike and Pedestrian Facilities Operations and Maintenance – Placer County

Project Number
Action Priority
Operate and Maintain Trail Networks
Placer County, CA
Primary Contact
Kansas McGahan (
2015 - 2045
Transportation Program Operate and Maintain Trail Networks
This is the annual cost to operate and maintain bicycle and pedestrian facilities under Placer County's jurisdiction. The operations and maintenance activities vary by jurisdiction but could include sweeping, pavement maintenance, costs to maintain and run lighting, trash pick-up, etc. If these costs are tracked as part of other maintenance, such as roadway maintenance, implementer's should record $0 for this project and larger maintenance project, providing as much detail as possible about expenditures related to bike and pedestrian facilities operations and maintenance.

Key Accomplishments

  • Miles of Street Sweeping: 8.15 miles

Threshold Categories

  • Air Quality
  • Recreation

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