Lake Tahoe EIP

Harrison Avenue Streetscape Improvement & Bike Trail

Project Number
Action Priority
Build and Enhance Trail Networks
City of South Lake Tahoe
Primary Contact
Stan Hill (
? - 2014
Transportation Program Build and Enhance Trail Networks
Harrison Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project was a Public-Private-Partnership that addressed deteriorating infrastructure, parking, and water quality improvements. The project work allowed business owners the opportunity to participate in a regional stormwater treatment collection, conveyance and treatment system that allowed them to acquire their TRPA BMP certifications. The improvements included the extension of a Class 1 bike trail that connects an existing Class 1 bike trail to Lakeview Commons. Parking areas near Lakeview Commons were redesigned and a community park (Champions Plaza) was added to create a location to celebrate local athletes worldwide accomplishments.

Key Accomplishments

  • Miles of Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes Improved or Constructed: 0.8 miles
  • Projects Meeting Scenic Quality Standards: 1

Threshold Categories

  • Air Quality
  • Recreation
  • Scenic Resources
  • Water Quality
Lake Tahoe Boulevard & Harrison at Bus Stop
(Timing: After) (~3,319 KB)
Credit: Mark Frisina Lake Tahoe Boulevard & Harrison at Bus Stop