Lake Tahoe EIP

North Tahoe Regional Bike Trail

Project Number
Action Priority
Build and Enhance Trail Networks
Placer County, CA, North Tahoe Public Utility District
Primary Contact
Andy Deinken (
2008 - 2026
Transportation Program Build and Enhance Trail Networks
The North Tahoe Shared-Use Trail will enhance the safety of bicyclists and improve traffic flow along SR 28 by removing recreational cyclists and commuters, and will connect residential neighborhoods to commercial, tourism, and recreational facilities between Tahoe Vista and Tahoe City. Segment 1 is a 2.4-mile paved trail, providing separate utility connecting the North Tahoe Regional Park in Tahoe Vista to the community of Carnelian Bay.

Key Accomplishments

Accomplishments to be provided upon completion of project

Threshold Categories

  • Air Quality
  • Recreation

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