Lake Tahoe EIP

Mobility Hub and Transit Center Capital

Project Number
Action Priority
Build and Enhance Transit Systems
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Primary Contact
Michelle Glickert (
2018 - 2045
Transportation Program Build and Enhance Transit Systems
Mobility hubs are places of connectivity where different modes of transportation – from walking to rapid transit – come together seamlessly and where there is an intensive concentration of working, living, shopping and/or playing. This project would include the construction of 17 mobility hubs or transit centers in various locations around and near the region. LTCC and Incline Village elementary school are current focus for enhanced transit center or mobility hub planning. The Incline Village project lives under EIP project and the LTCC mobility hub lives under EIP project

Key Accomplishments

Accomplishments to be provided upon completion of project

Threshold Categories

  • Air Quality

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