Lake Tahoe EIP

Tahoe City Transit Center (64 Acres)

Project Number
Action Priority
Build and Enhance Transit Systems
Placer County, CA
Primary Contact
Kansas McGahan (
2007 - 2012
Transportation Program Build and Enhance Transit Systems
The Tahoe City Transit Center will create a transit transfer/park and ride station in Tahoe City. The project includes a intermodal transit center and associated parking facilities for public use and will include parking for six buses, 130 parking spaces for transit and other uses, an enclosed structure for transit patrons which includes a heated waiting space with bench seating for 40 people and changeable interpretive/tourist displays, public restrooms which will be accessible during all hours of transit operation, an office to provide ticket sales, information and other transit functions, bicycle lockers to encourage intermodal use, and connections to existing bicycle trail systems.

Key Accomplishments

  • Facilities Improved or Created: 1
  • Miles of Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes Improved or Constructed: 1.1 miles
  • Pounds of Air Pollutants Removed or Avoided by Project: 250 lbs
  • Projects Meeting Scenic Quality Standards: 1
  • Tons of Greenhouse Gases Reduced: 3.5 tons

Threshold Categories

  • Air Quality
Tahoe City Transit Center
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Credit: Placer County Tahoe City Transit Center