Lake Tahoe EIP

William Kent Campground and Day Use BMP Retrofit - Phase 2

Project Number
Action Priority
Improve Public Recreation Facilities
U.S. Forest Service - Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
Primary Contact
Joey Keely (
2008 - 2014
Sustainable Recreation Program Improve Public Recreation Facilities
Renovate facilities to improve circulation efficiency, install water quality improvement BMPs, and restore stream environment zone. Removed existing administrative building, pavement and compacted surfaces. Installed infiltration basins, and retrofitted culvert outfall at Lake. Install water quality protection BMPs and paving associated with administrative facility. Additional work needed/performed at this location will be tracked in a new project - USFS Recreation Facilities Upgrades

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of SEZ Restored or Enhanced: 0.35 acres
  • Forest Upland Facilities Retrofitted for Stormwater : 1
  • Impervious Coverage Retired: 15,930 sq ft

Threshold Categories

  • Recreation
  • Soil Conservation
  • Water Quality
William Kent Campground Sign
(Timing: Unknown) (~19 KB)
Credit: LTBMU William Kent Campground Sign