Lake Tahoe EIP

Sand Harbor Accessibility Improvement Project

Project Number
Action Priority
Improve Public Recreation Facilities
Nevada Tahoe Resource Team – Nevada Division of State Parks
Primary Contact
Meredith Gosejohan (
2012 - 2014
Sustainable Recreation Program Improve Public Recreation Facilities
The project includes the replacement and upgrade of Diver's Cove and the eastern portion of picnic area walkways to ADA Accessibility standards. In addition, the existing scenic overlooks will be replaced with new overlooks with code compliant railings to funnel access through a defined path which provide ADA compliant access and eliminate the use of social trails. The overlooks will have decking and stairs constructed of open grate so that they are fully permeable and allow the infiltration of water beneath the structures.

Key Accomplishments

  • Facilities Improved or Created: 4
  • Miles of Trails Developed or Improved: 1.02 miles

Threshold Categories

  • Recreation
Sand Harbor Scenic Overlook
(Timing: After) (~170 KB)
Credit: Jeanne McNamara Sand Harbor Scenic Overlook