Lake Tahoe EIP

Tahoe Vista Recreation Area Phase 2

Project Number
Action Priority
Improve Public Recreation Facilities
North Tahoe Public Utility District
Primary Contact
Suzi Gibbons (
? - 2013
Sustainable Recreation Program Improve Public Recreation Facilities
The District acquired a 3.6 acre support parcel with financial assistance from the California Tahoe Conservany for completion of Phase 2 of the project. Phase II will include the addition of parking (24 vehicle with trailer pull through spaces and 41 vehicle spaces), bicycle trail, bus pullout and shelter, infrastructure for future concessionaire building and restrooms.

Key Accomplishments

  • Facilities Improved or Created: 1
  • Miles of Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes Improved or Constructed: 0.16 miles
  • Projects Meeting Scenic Quality Standards: 1

Threshold Categories

  • Recreation
Tahoe Vista Recreation Area Frontage Sign
(Timing: After) (~119 KB)
Credit: NTPUD Tahoe Vista Recreation Area Frontage Sign