Lake Tahoe EIP

Van Sickle Bi-State Park: Phase 1A

Project Number
Action Priority
Improve Public Recreation Facilities
Nevada Tahoe Resource Team – Nevada Division of State Parks, California Tahoe Conservancy
Primary Contact
Meredith Gosejohan (
? - 2012
Sustainable Recreation Program Improve Public Recreation Facilities
Phase 1A of the California/Nevada bi-state park included construction of a road to day use area with 26 parking spaces, 6 equestrian parking spaces and SST bathroom on the Nevada side, and an entrance road and 10 parking spaces near the interpretive barn on the California side, and underground utilities to support subsequent phases.

Key Accomplishments

  • Facilities Improved or Created: 2
  • Miles of Trails Developed or Improved: 0.25 miles

Threshold Categories

  • Recreation
Van Sickle Entrance
(Timing: After) (~69 KB)
Credit: CTC Van Sickle Entrance