Lake Tahoe EIP

South Tahoe Greenway Shared-Use Trail - Phase 1a

Project Number
Action Priority
Improving Transit and Trails Connections
California Tahoe Conservancy
Primary Contact
Jason Vasques (
2010 - 2018
Air Quality & Transportation Improving Transit and Trails Connections
The initial construction phase of the South Tahoe Greenway Shared Use Trail (Greenway), Phase 1a, extends 0.42 miles between Herbert Avenue and Glenwood Way in the heart of the Bijou neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe. Preliminary planning refinements began in 2012 and initial construction occurred in 2015. In 2017 additional project drainage infrastructure was constructed. The next implementation phase of the Greenway, Phases 1b&2, will extend the trail connection south to the Sierra Tract and is described as a separate EIP project.

Key Accomplishments

  • Miles of Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes Improved or Constructed: 0.42 miles
  • Miles of Roads Decommissioned or Retrofitted: 0.1 miles

Threshold Categories

  • Air Quality
  • Recreation
Greenway Bike Trail at Walkup
(Timing: After) (~75 KB)
Credit: Jeanne McNamara Greenway Bike Trail at Walkup