Lake Tahoe EIP

Habitat Protection - Tahoe Yellow Cress: Upper Truckee East and West

Project Number
Action Priority
Restore Native Vegetation and Forest Communities
California Tahoe Conservancy
Primary Contact
Whitney Brennan (
2000 - ongoing
Forest Restoration Program Restore Native Vegetation and Forest Communities
Consistent with Tahoe Yellow Cress Strategy and the Tahoe Yellow Cress Management Plan for the Upper Truckee River and Marsh Restoration. This project will construct and maintain protective structures where appropriate along beaches. Includes educational/interpretive displays.

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of Habitat Protected: 10 acres
  • Special Status Species Sites Protected or Re-Established: 5

Threshold Categories

  • Vegetation Preservation
2013 TYC enclosure
(Timing: After) (~3,126 KB)
Credit: CTC 2013 TYC enclosure