Lake Tahoe EIP

Aspen Restoration

Project Number
Action Priority
Restore Native Vegetation and Forest Communities
U.S. Forest Service - Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
Primary Contact
Brian Garrett (
2009 - 2030
Forest Restoration Program Restore Native Vegetation and Forest Communities
Many aspen stands on the LTBMU are at risk of being lost due to excessive conifer encroachment. This project seeks to restore aspen as the dominant tree in the forest canopy and stimulate regeneration. Restoration methods include conifer thinning and prescribed fire. This project is programmatic; we can restore any at-risk aspen stand on the LTBMU. Our current priorities include: 1) finish restoring a massive stand (Spooner area) with significant cultural value, 2) re-treat stands urgently needing more intensive conifer removal, 3) conduct underburns to restore this natural disturbance, and 4) restore aspen in conjunction with other, adjacent fuel reduction projects (e.g., South Shore).

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of Habitat Restored or Enhanced: 670 acres

Threshold Categories

  • Vegetation Preservation
Aspen Restoration
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Credit: TRPA Aspen Restoration