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Sugar Pine SNPLMA Round 16 Hazardous Fuel Reduction Phase 2

Project Number
Action Priority
Reduce Hazardous Fuels
California Department of Parks and Recreation
Primary Contact
Rich Adams (
2020 - 2023
Community Wildfire Protection Program Reduce Hazardous Fuels
The SNPLMA Round 16 Phase 2 project will thin forest stands and reduce fire fuels on 150 acres within a 267-acre area of Sugar Pine Point State Park, continuing where Phase 1 left off. The project is designed to reduce tree densities and surface fuel loading to modify potential fire behavior and reduce the threat of high intensity wildfire. The project will also restore native forest composition, structure and function. Forest thinning and fuel reduction treatments will include: hand crew thinning, chipping, pile burning and understory burning.

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of Forest Fuels Reduction Treatment: 83 acres

Threshold Categories

  • Vegetation Preservation
Pile Burning
(Timing: During) (~641 KB)
Credit: Rich Adams Pile Burning