Lake Tahoe EIP

Glenbrook Fuels Reduction Project

Project Number
Action Priority
Reduce Hazardous Fuels
Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District
Primary Contact
Keegan Schafer (
2015 - 2020
Community Wildfire Protection Program Reduce Hazardous Fuels
The Glenbrook Fuels Reduction Project is a forest fuels reduction project that will create a shaded fuel break on between 161 and 200 acres of overstocked forest within the defense zone of the wildland urban interface in the region. The proposed project is designed to modify fire behavior and reduce flame lengths to 4 feet during 90th percentile fire weather. This type of forest thinning project will enable firefighters to engage in structure protection in the event of a wildland fire.

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of Forest Fuels Reduction Treatment: 400 acres

Threshold Categories

  • Vegetation Preservation
Hand Piles in Glenbrook
(Timing: During) (~187 KB)
Credit: Matt Fogarty Hand Piles in Glenbrook