Lake Tahoe EIP

Highway 50 Fuels Reduction Project

Project Number
Action Priority
Reduce Hazardous Fuels
Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District
Primary Contact
Keegan Schafer (
2015 - 2019
Community Wildfire Protection Program Reduce Hazardous Fuels
This project reduced the risk of catastrophic fire and resulting damage to communities by reducing wildland fuels within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). The project areas were all located within the Defense Zone of the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District WUI and are all immediately adjacent to U.S. Forest Service Lands that have been treated. The project was composed of 138 acres over 6 units. The largest unit was a 100 acre property located between the communities of Round Hill and Zephyr Heights. The other units average 7 acres and was located within communities along Highway 50 from Stateline to near Glenbrook.

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of Forest Fuels Reduction Treatment: 276 acres

Threshold Categories

  • Vegetation Preservation
  • Wildlife
Burning along HWY 50 corridor
(Timing: During) (~1,148 KB)
Credit: Keegan Schafer Burning along HWY 50 corridor