Lake Tahoe EIP

Upper Haines Canyon - Kingsbury 1000

Project Number
Action Priority
Reduce Hazardous Fuels
Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District
Primary Contact
Keegan Schafer (
2015 - 2022
Community Wildfire Protection Program Reduce Hazardous Fuels
The Upper Haines Canyon Fuels Reduction Project is a 72 acre fuels reduction project located in Haines Canyon Nevada. Haines Canyon is a steep v-shaped canyon formed by Daggett Creek. The canyon runs from 4700 feet in elevation where it crosses Foothill Road and extends up to the summit of Kingbury Grade at an elevation of 7350 feet. The canyon extends from the Lake Tahoe Basin down to Carson Valley. As such, the valley is subject to diurnal winds typical of mountain canyons. The units within the project are designed to create survivable space around homes within the canyon and to further treat fuels located within Upper Haines Canyon.

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of Forest Fuels Reduction Treatment: 144 acres

Threshold Categories

  • Vegetation Preservation
  • Wildlife

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