Lake Tahoe EIP

Sand Harbor Aquatic Invasive Asian Clam Control

Project Number
Action Priority
Prevent, Control, or Eradicate Aquatic Invasive Species
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Primary Contact
Dennis Zabaglo (
2016 - 2020
Aquatic Invasive Species Program Prevent, Control, or Eradicate Aquatic Invasive Species
A population of Asian clams was discovered in Sand Harbor in 2015. Surveyors estimated the population size at approximately 1.5 acres in the boat landing area of Sand Harbor- Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. Prior to work commencing, the population was estimated at 6 acres. Once treatment began in 2017, divers discovered clams in additional areas. The infestation was estimated to be over 25 acres in extent. With the larger infestation, the approach focused on maintenance rather than localized eradication. Three rounds of barrier relocation occured that treated a total of approximately 9.3 acres. Barriers were removed in June of 2020. See projet images for post-project results.

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of Invasive Species Inventoried: 22 acres
  • Acres Treated for Invasive Species: 16 acres

Threshold Categories

  • Water Quality
Sand Harbor Asian Clam Barriers 
(Timing: During) (~264 KB)
Credit: Marine Taxonomic Services Sand Harbor Asian Clam Barriers