Lake Tahoe EIP

Griff Creek Restoration at Old Kingswood 500,000 Tank

Project Number
Action Priority
Restore Priority Meadows, Wetlands, and Lake Tahoe Tributaries
North Tahoe Public Utility District
Primary Contact
Suzi Gibbons (
2010 - 2014
Watershed Restoration Program Restore Priority Meadows, Wetlands, and Lake Tahoe Tributaries
When the NTPUD built anew 1.3 mil. gallon water storage tank and booster pump station, the District saw an opportunity to demolish the old 500,000 gallon water tank and booster pump station, both built in the 1960s, and restore a sensitive Stream Environment Zone along Griff Creek. This project was designed to improve water quality by removing infrastructure from the SEZ and restoring the area as closely as possible to pre-disturbance conditions. The priorities were to reconnect the creek with its floodplain in an area where a berm was built to protect the water tank from stream flows; re-contour and re-vegetate the site to prevent erosion and restore a diverse native plant community.

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of SEZ Restored or Enhanced: 0.59 acres
  • Impervious Coverage Retired: 10,000 sq ft

Threshold Categories

  • Water Quality
Booster Pump Station
(Timing: Before) (~1,234 KB)
Credit: NCE Booster Pump Station