Lake Tahoe EIP

Third Creek Restoration Phase I

Project Number
Action Priority
Restore Priority Meadows, Wetlands, and Lake Tahoe Tributaries
Incline Village General Improvement District
Primary Contact
Nathan Chorey (
? - 2010
Watershed Restoration Program Restore Priority Meadows, Wetlands, and Lake Tahoe Tributaries
The project includes the implementation of many features to reconnect the creek with the floodplain, stabilize steep eroding banks, and increase fish habitat and migration on Third Creek between Incline Way and Lakeshore Drive. The project also included the connection of a remnant channel which will be activated when flows in the channel exceed approximately 60 cfs. The activation of this channel provided an opportunity to enhance an area of existing stream environment zone (SEZ) , reduce erosive flows within the main Third Creek channel and provide another mechanism to allow sediment to fall out of suspension.

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of SEZ Restored or Enhanced: 1 acres
  • Linear Feet of Stream Channel Restored or Enhanced: 1,600 lf

Threshold Categories

  • Soil Conservation
  • Water Quality
A restored Third Creek
(Timing: After) (~488 KB)
Credit: TRPA A restored Third Creek