Lake Tahoe EIP

Lower Blackwood Creek Restoration - Phase 1 (including Eagle Rock)

Project Number
Action Priority
Restore Priority Meadows, Wetlands, and Lake Tahoe Tributaries
California Tahoe Conservancy, California Conservation Corps.
Primary Contact
Jason Vasques (
2006 - 2017
Watershed Restoration Program Restore Priority Meadows, Wetlands, and Lake Tahoe Tributaries
The project is located along Blackwood Creek and includes the Eagle Rock trails system, on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. The project will enhance aquatic and riparian habitat conditions and provide water quality benefits by enhancing the natural function of a highly degraded stream. The project will specifically adjust stream plan form in certain locations, excavate floodplain areas, degrade steep banks and install toe revetments, install debris structures and riffles in channel, revegetate banks and floodplains, reroute trail sections, apply trail BMPs, and remove encroaching conifers from aspen stands.

Key Accomplishments

  • Acres of Forest Fuels Reduction Treatment: 1 acres
  • Acres of Habitat Protected: 15 acres
  • Acres of Habitat Restored or Enhanced: 2.3 acres
  • Acres of SEZ Restored or Enhanced: 2 acres
  • Linear Feet of Stream Channel Restored or Enhanced: 1,240 lf
  • Miles of Trails Developed or Improved: 0.82 miles

Threshold Categories

  • Fisheries
  • Recreation
  • Soil Conservation
  • Vegetation Preservation
  • Water Quality
Lower Blackwood Creek Restored
(Timing: After) (~56 KB)
Credit: TRPA Lower Blackwood Creek Restored