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Watercraft Inspections for Invasive Species
Performance Measure 16 - Watercraft Inspections for Invasive Species
Definition The number of pre-launch watercraft inspections completed to search for aquatic invasive species and prevent their introduction into Lake Tahoe and other basin waterways. Currently, there are many aquatic invasive species of concern, including weeds, fish and invertebrates, which are not yet in Lake Tahoe. Of particular concern are quagga and zebra mussels. Reducing the risk of invasive species introductions will prevent impacts to aquatic ecosystems and the local economy. To this end, inspections are done on all watercraft before access is allowed to Lake Tahoe, Fallen Leaf Lake and Echo Lake.
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Primary Program Aquatic Invasive Species Program
Critical Definitions

Inspection – Watercraft inspections include a search of the entire boat including ballast tanks, bilges, water toys, ropes and trailers for evidence of aquatic invasive species. All watercraft, including canoes and kayaks are subject to inspection. Inspections also include questions about which water bodies the vessel has been in previously and how long ago. If evidence of invasive species is found, or if the watercraft contains standing water, the boat is decontaminated. 

Accounting Period and Scale

Information on inspections conducted during the year should be entered into the EIP Database by December of that year. This data entry is done in coordination with the reporting periods for the Lake Tahoe Region Aquatic Invasive Species Program, allowing the reporting agency to minimize redundancy in the collection and organization of data. 

Project Reporting
Project Reporting Guidance not yet defined
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Action Taken
No Decontamination Necessary, Watercraft Decontaminated
Invasive Species Detected
Mussel, Flora, Other (fauna), None
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EIP Program Is Primary EIP Program
01.03 - Aquatic Invasive Species Program

The inspection program began in 2009 so there is no data to report prior to that date.