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Acres Treated for Invasive Species
Performance Measure 15 - Acres Treated for Invasive Species
Definition The amount of terrestrial and aquatic habitat treated to eradicate or control invasive species. Treatments include hand removal, vacuum-assisted removal, installing bottom barriers, chemical treatments and other methods. Eradication and control of invasive species has far-reaching effects on the biologic integrity of both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, Lake Tahoe clarity, and special status species, allowing native species to flourish and the full range of ecosystems processes to occur.
Units acres
Primary Program Aquatic Invasive Species Program
Critical Definitions

Control – To suppress, reduce or manage invasive species populations, prevent spread of invasive species from areas where they are present and take steps such as restoration of native species and habitats to reduce the effects of invasive species and to prevent further invasions.

Eradicate – To completely eliminate an invasive species from a specific part or all of the Tahoe Basin

Treatment area – The area on which actions have been performed specifically to control, manage or eradicate invasive species

Accounting Period and Scale

Treatments performed should be reported by the end of December of each year, and treatments should be recorded only after they are complete, and regardless of their effectiveness. Treatment area should be rounded to the nearest tenth of an acre. If a certain area is treated twice, either for two different species or in two separate instances, both treatments should be reported.

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01.03 - Aquatic Invasive Species Program

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