Lake Tahoe EIP

Marlette Lake to Hobart Access Reconstruction

Project Number
Action Priority
Build and Enhance Trail Networks
Nevada Tahoe Resource Team – Nevada Division of State Parks, Nevada Tahoe Resource Team
Primary Contact
Meredith Gosejohan (
2015 - 2015
Transportation Program Build and Enhance Trail Networks
The existing Marlette to Hobart segment was heavily used and effects of use and erosion were impacting the integrity of the road. The project included stabilization of eroded areas, protection of wet areas, and installation of more effective BMPs to ensure continued access along this segment. Reconstruction of the road took place within the existing prism in 2015.

Key Accomplishments

  • Miles of Trails Developed or Improved: 0.5 miles

Threshold Categories

  • Recreation
  • Soil Conservation
  • Water Quality

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