Lake Tahoe EIP

Tahoe Yellow Cress, Private Land Conservation

Project Number
Action Priority
Restore and Protect Native Wildlife
U.S. Natural Resource Conservation Service
Primary Contact
Sean Tevlin (
2009 - 2020
Forest Restoration Program Restore and Protect Native Wildlife
This project targets the implementation of the Conservation Strategy for Tahoe Yellow Cress, intended to preclude the listing of the species under the Endangered Species Act. This project specially targets the development of conservation plans for private property owners documenting conservation technical assistance provided to help landowners conserve the species. It may include some supplies for signage or examples of temporary fencing measures needed to protect the plant during critical periods when it is subject to human disturbance.

Key Accomplishments

  • Special Status Species Sites Protected or Re-Established: 3

Threshold Categories

  • Vegetation Preservation

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