Lake Tahoe EIP

Lake Tahoe West Landscape-Scale Restoration Partnership

Project Number
Action Priority
Restore Native Forest Communities
U.S. Forest Service - Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
Primary Contact
Brian Garrett (
2015 - 2032
Forest Restoration Program Restore Native Forest Communities
The National Forest Foundation (NFF), the USDA Forest Service - Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (LTBMU), and the California Tahoe Conservancy (CTC) have launched the Lake Tahoe West Collaborative to develop and implement a multi-jurisdictional, landscape-scale strategy that will restore and protect more than 60,000 acres on the California side of the Tahoe Basin, from Emerald Bay to Crystal Bay. This large-scale planning effort will be grounded upon input from key stakeholders and scientifically derived decision-support models incorporating water quantity/quality, carbon sequestration, climate change, fire and fuels, and wildlife habitat.

Key Accomplishments

Accomplishments to be provided upon completion of project

Threshold Categories

  • Vegetation Preservation
  • Wildlife
Tree Mortality on West Shore
(Timing: Before) (~1,182 KB)
Credit: Mike Vollmer Tree Mortality on West Shore